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Can you bathe with your period?

Why can't you bathe when you have your period? It is something that was believed in the past when menstruation was considered something dangerous and scary. Bathing during menstruation is both harmless and natural. For many, a dip in the water can even have a relieving effect on period pain. Here is some information that is good to have with you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible on the beach or in the pool.

What kind of menstrual protection can you wear when swimming?

The most effective menstrual protection to use when swimming is a tampon or menstrual cup. It stops leakage and the effect of that does not get worse even if you are in the water. The environment in the vagina changes when you swim, which leads to a greater risk of infection, therefore it is especially important to change tampons more often when you swim than you normally do.

Can you bathe when you have your period with a pad? You can of course use pads as well, but good to know then is that the absorbency is reduced when the pad gets wet and can cause the period to flow out on the sides.

How can you bathe with your period without a tampon? You decide whether you want to swim with or without protection. When you step into the water, a pressure is created that prevents the period from flowing out. When you then get out of the water, the pressure is released and the period can start flowing again. When your period mixes with the water that is on your body, it can be perceived as more of a period than you usually have. If you want to avoid period stains on your towel, it is good to take a darker towel, then it won't show as much!

So how can you swim with your period? It is up to you to decide whether you want to swim with or without menstrual protection, test yourself. And do what you feel most comfortable with!

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