For us, sustainability means consideration for current and future generations as well as taking long-term responsibility in our daily operations. We want to combine social responsibility, environmental consideration and long-term profitability. We work systematically to reduce our environmental impact and find opportunities for a faster transition. We do this by constantly starting from our sustainability work, which is characterized by the three parts below.

Since our start in 2018, we have worked systematically with sustainability issues to take advantage of opportunities from our business model and reduce negative impact. Our business is characterized by the power and spirit found in Gen Z. In our work, we often emphasize that what we act on and change today, will create change for our future generation. In fact, many of us at RedLocker are young ourselves and environmental sustainability issues are equally as important to us. It is our future society we are working to change.

I feel proud of what we have achieved so far and the careful responsibility we take to work to be a serious and conscious supplier. But I also look forward to continuing to develop and what we will achieve in the coming years.

Liza Eriksson CEO, RedLocker AB