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The dispenser holds up to 90 tampons. This means that it takes a long time before it empties completely and usually you will be able to see when it is running low. With that said, you do not need a dispenser in every bathroom. Employees, students and guests will quickly learn which bathrooms have tampons.

Most clients decide the number and placement based on how the property looks, how many employees they have, students or guests should not have to leave one side of the building to the other to get hold of tampon. We usually recommend that you place an automatic next to the most used toilet groups or one automatic per floor/department. You can also clarify which toilet redlock is available through a nice red sign on the toilet door that can be ordered as an additional product.

It is completely normal to not know exactly how many dispensers you need or where they should be placed.

First of all, in order for your initiative with RedLocker to feel genuine, you can have as a guideline that an employee/student/guest should not have to travel too far to get a menstrual product. In order to find a plan that suits your business, it usually helps to start by starting from the following questions:

• Approximately how many people need menstrual products?

• How does layout of your building(s) look out?

• How many bathrooms do you have and where are they located?

You are welcome to contact us if you need some help, and we can set up a plan together! We are used to giving references and recommendations based on how other customers have done.

We propose the refills to be fullfilled by either a janitor or your office manager. In schools, the student union can sometimes take responsibility for the refilling process. It takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to refill a completely empty dispenser. RedLocker does not do the refills of the dispensers since we are actively trying to break the stigma around menstruation. After all, we work to make menstrual products as obvious of a necessity as toilet paper. Just like no third party comes to your office and refills the toilet paper, we do not come and refill your menstrual products. This is your opportunity to create new norms and crush taboo.

Yes of course! Our skilled craftsmen are happy to help with installing the dispensers in tandem with delivery, and they are available throughout Sweden. We assemble the dispensers wherever you want them, fill them with menstrual products, show you how it works, and take the packaging with us when we leave. The installation takes about 15 minutes per dispenser. To book it, add the mounting option under “Additional Products” when ordering. We will contact you to confirm booking and delivery.

If a dispenser stops working, you are most welcome to contact our customer service for further assistance. Based on what has happened to the dispenser, we can assess whether a service technician should be sent out or whether the product needs to be replaced. In any case, apart from irreparable damage, all our customers who have a subscription are covered by a guarantee.

In almost all cases, we reuse the products that stop working. Read more about our sustainability work here!

RedLocker ships daily within all EU countries and Norway. The estimated delivery time is always 7-14 working days from when you have placed your order.

Right now we are in the process of building menstrual rockets and future tampons in our factories... so stay tuned for an update! This means that we have a longer delivery time at the moment. 🚀

No! The dispensers are operated on regular AA batteries that are programmed with Sleep Mode, which means that the batteries are not consumed when the dispensers are not used.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden. We have chosen our manufacturers and subcontractors carefully; they are all experts with lots of experience in their respective fields. We do everything to ensure that our products are of the highest quality!

We also take a great responsibility for the environment by making all production in Sweden and thus avoiding long transportation. We follow a thorough environmental policy both in the manufacturing process and in all choices of materials.

Read more about our dispensers here.

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