How to get free sanitary protection?

Why free menstrual protection?

Free menstrual protection is a right based on a basic need for all menstruators. The lack and ignorance of the right to free menstrual protection leads to people around the world interrupting their everyday lives. With RedLocker's distribution solutions, we create change towards an equal society where free pads and tampons become a matter of course.

How to get free menstrual products at work?

By contacting us, we can help you develop a solution tailored to your business

If you are not the decision-maker, raise this issue with those responsible for human resources at work and ask them to schedule a meeting with us. Otherwise, you can contact us directly and we will arrange a meeting with your workplace.

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How to get free sanitary protection at school?

If you are a student and want your school to get free menstrual protection!

At RedLocker, we believe that the most powerful way to create long-term change in schools is when students themselves are at the forefront. You are the ones who know your own needs best, have a relationship with your school and are at the top of the principal's priority list.

Linked below is more information for you as a student who wants to create change in your school!

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About us

Five years ago, we founded RedLocker as a fictional school project at Nacka Gymnasium. We were 19 years old when we developed the solution for free menstrual protection that we wished existed when we were in school.

Our solutions prevent an everyday problem that affects half of the world's population - that people should not have to create makeshift sanitary pads out of toilet paper, make interruptions to visit the nearest shops or have to go home because of menstruation. Providing menstrual protection is a right, not an added value. It is a milestone for an equal and fair world. Like toilet paper, sanitary protection is a basic need, but shame and taboo have prevented us from seeing it before.

Our work is based on brave people making their voices heard and businesses implementing our solution. Be part of our change!